How can the God of Love condemn homosexuality?

How can the God of Love Condemn Homosexuality?

I heard someone say this once on the radio: “Christians get so wrapped up in the parts of the Bible that say homosexuality is a sin, but what they don’t realize is that the word ‘love’ is used over 300 times in the Bible!”

That seems pretty logical, doesn’t it? I mean, how can love be a sin? How can God promote love, and yet condemn homosexuality?

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:8

Christians are infamous for casting judgement on people of different supposed sexual orientations. Secularists continuously bombard us with claims that we’re being hateful when we stand up for what we believe. Many can’t wrap their minds around how we can serve a God of love and yet define love of the same sex as sinful.

However, 300 uses of the word “love” in the Bible doesn’t disqualify what God says about homosexuality.

God doesn’t contradict himself, so His command for Christians to love one another and his condemnation of homosexuality have to be consistent with each other. I believe the confusion comes when culture distorts our view of love. True love is a reflection of God’s character. It’s perfect according to His design. False love is little more than attraction, a feeling that is tossed about in the wind.

Selfishness is a form of love. defines it as “devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests.” Obviously, selfishness is not a good thing. When you read the definition, you don’t get caught up in the words “devoted to” and “caring” and forget the part that says “oneself”. Clearly, selfishness is against God’s design. Sure, it’s love, but it’s not love in the way God intended it. What’s more, selfishness is the exact opposite of biblical love. The kind of love that Jesus showed is selfless – sacrificial.

Similarly, homosexuality shouldn’t be considered pure simply because it includes love. Though it may be love by the world’s standards, it doesn’t line up with the love of the Bible. God made humans to share a romantic love with people of the opposite gender, and he calls homosexual relations “dishonorable passions”(Romans 1:2) and an “abomination”(Leviticus 20:13). Just because homosexuality involves attraction doesn’t make it consistent with God’s design for sexual love.

Homosexuality is undeniably wrong in God’s eyes, but how should we respond as Christians? Should we hatefully tell them they’re sinners and are going to hell? Should we tolerate their alternate viewpoint and show them love? We should do neither. As Christians, it is imperative that we show the love of Christ in everything we do. Hatefully telling them they’re sinners will likely push them away from the cross instead of drawing them near it. On the other hand, it’s impossible to show others love without letting them know they’re sinning. We can’t share half of the gospel. Our homosexual friends need to know they’re sick before they can see the need for salvation.

I believe the best way to confront a gay or lesbian person is same way as any other person. Let them know they have sinned and fallen short of God’s standard of perfection. Then share with them the good news of Jesus, that by His wounds we are healed. We can stand on judgement day flawless because Jesus nailed our flaws to a piece of wood.

Is homosexuality wrong? Yes.

Is God still a God of love? Yes.

Can sin be conquered? Because of Jesus, absolutely.



9 thoughts on “How can the God of Love Condemn Homosexuality?

  1. I agree, everyone should be dealt with in love, however I struggle with your point of homosexuality and the love we experience to not be “godly” enough as straight people. There is absolutely no way to measure that.. God is the only one who would be able to determine that so called “difference.” I, can say for certain, that I have never felt close to God when dating men and have with girls… in fact, I’ve felt more of His love when I came out. And not a blind fake love, but a real love.
    If we are going to focus on Bible verses, you cannot just take one out of context. Leviticus is chock full of verses, and I can guarantee you don’t follow them and don’t consider yourself sinning. Example: wearing clothing made of more than one fabric… you would laugh at the thought of that being a sin. Slavery is praised in the Bible, yet we’ve come to realize that this is not okay. You can’t pick and choose verses because you are uncomfortable with someone’s lifestyle.

  2. “I believe the confusion comes when culture distorts our view of love. True love is a reflection of God’s character. It’s perfect according to His design.”

    Thank you for those words! I have been going over and over how to put my understanding of God’s Love into words and then to compare it to sin the world calls love.

      1. Further I had an amazing opportunity when I was still in my 20’s and still very judgemental with little to no grace for others’ sin. I went to a Christian week long outdoor concert that also had guest speakers in small tents around the property. I went to the one who’s topic was homosexuality. I found that the speaker had come out of the homosexual lifestyle. He thought he was “born this way”. He spoke how when he realized he wanted to give himself to the Lord no matter how he “felt” toward other men, God did in fact removed those desires and gave him a wife! I was shocked. Instead of having the reaction “I knew it! If those people would just do what is right they would not want that life anymore” but instead I felt an overwhelming compassion for his struggle and joy for his change in the Lord. See the Lord changed me too! That is the God we serve!

        He opened the floor for questions, and I kindly asked if it was ok to ask hard questions. He said I could so I asked if he thought if he was born this way and God miraculously changed him and if others were possibly always going to struggle. He told me some will struggle as with other sins. He has met some who struggle and some who are changed in an instant. Again that taught me grace and mercy to those who struggle in sin as much as the next guy who has been a Christian for many years.

        A woman walked up to me and told me her story. She had a mother who never hugged or kissed her as a child and never felt proper physical love from a parent. When she was a bit older her first sexual touch as from a woman. She began living the homosexual life style until she wanted to become a Christian. She to was eventually changed by the Lord and given a husband! She even prayed with me asking the Lord to give me strength to speak love to others and still tell the truth. I was so honored.

        I had found grace and mercy for me as well as others. I still had a lot to work on, but I will forever remember those two as godsends who actually helped me!

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